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words of Isaiah 6:3, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!” The seraphim may hold candles and sometimes appear in the midst of many wheels.

2. CHERUBIM - Cherubim are described in Ezekiel 10. They are angels that both know and worship God. Legend tells us they are known for their divine wisdom.When portrayed, cherubim are painted in golden yellow and/or sapphire blue. They have either two or four wings and sometimes are seen standing on a winged wheel. In their hands they are usually holding a scroll or book, symbolizing their wisdom.

3. THRONES - The thrones are responsible for bearing up God’s throne. Legend tells us they are known for their divine justice. It is said that the thrones receive their power and glory directly from God, and that they pass on this power and glory to the second hierarchy of angels.

When portrayed in art, they are painted in red and are usually covered with numerous eyes. Thrones are occasionally shown with wheels. They are sometimes shown sitting on golden thrones and wearing the robes of judges. In their hands they hold either a staff or a tower symbolizing their judicial power.


Governors are the overseers of the stars and elements. Governors are portrayed as human in form


with crowns on their heads. They are clothed in long white tunics, golden girdles or sashes and green stoles. Governors have rings on their fingers and usually hold a cross-tipped scepter in their right hands. In their left hands is the monogram IC XC, meaning “Jesus Christ”. Sometimes governors are pictured carrying globes symbolizing their overseeing the heavens.

4. DOMINIONS - Dominions represent the power of God and His authority. Dominions are usually crowned and carry a sword, scepter, cross, or orb: all symbols of power.

5. VIRTUES - Virtues are angels of great courage. Virtues are portrayed as clad in brilliant armor and carry various war instru­ments such as swords, spears and battle-axes. Virtues are sometimes shown carrying a variety of items from our Lord’s death on the cross. These include the cross, whip, spear, white lilies and even red roses.

6. POWERS - Powers are our protectors. Powers are dressed in brilliant armor and carry various weapons of war. These weapons include flaming swords, batons, and chains (used to bind up Satan and his demons). At times, powers are depicted with their chained up foes.


It is through the third hierarchy that God executes


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