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URIEL (the light of God) Uriel is an angel mentioned in several Old Testament Apocrypha books, including Enoch and Esdras. He is also mentioned in the New Testament Apocryphal book the Apocalypse of Peter. When a fourth archangel is needed in art to stand at each of the four compass directions, Uriel is the fourth, standing with Michael, Gabriel and Ralphael. The item Uriel carries is a scroll or book symbolizing his wisdom.

ZADKIEL (righteousness of God) – An angel found in tradition only, Zadkiel is the archangel of mercy. He is thought to be the angel that held back Abraham’s hand from killing Isaac (Genesis 22). (Some traditions believe it was Michael). The item Zadkiel carries is the knife.

9. ANGELS - Angels are the messengers of God. When portrayed in art, they are always beardless, are sexless, have wings and are barefooted. Angels are used by God for a wide variety of purpos­es.

The following is a list of things angels have been seen carrying or doing in art and architecture: palm branch, scroll, parchment or book (messenger); sword (archangel); musical instruments (praising God); palm branch, sprig of olive leaves (bringer of victory/peace); placing a wreath of laurel onto a person (bringing heavenly honor); oak leaf wreath


(strength); leaves (immortality); cypress leaves (mourning); lily (purity, virginity, or the Annunciation); sword or flaming sword (God’s judgment); blunted sword (justice and mercy); pair of scales (justice); hands folded in prayer (intercession); kneeling before equilateral triangle (worship of the Trinity); right hand extended with open palm (guardian).

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