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downwind so that the prey will not smell its foul breath. 2. The Bestiaries say that if a man sees a wolf first, the wolf loses its fierceness. But if a wolf sees a man first, the man loses his voice. If the man loses his voice, he must immediately take off all of his clothes and bang two rocks together so the wolf will not attack. The man taking off his clothes symbolizes baptism, being set free from sin. The rocks symbolize the man calling out to the saints for help. 3. The wolf symbolizes false doctrine and false prophets. 4. A hypocrite. 5. Famine. 6. Lust. 7. Cruelty, fraud, and deceit. 8. While usage of the wolf in the Bible is negative, the wolf does appear next to numerous saints, guarding them or bringing them food it has killed. It was thought that the wolf doing something good for a saint showed the power the saint had over evil. 9. The wolf symbolizes women of the night, as they take all of the treasures from their prey.

WOODPECKER – A woodpecker is a symbol of Satan because of its destructive nature.

WYVERN – The wyvern is symbolic of Satan. It is a mythical creature with wings, legs and head of a dragon and a barbed, coiled tail.


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