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only weakness is when it becomes thirsty. It will go to the Euphrates River to drink. While there, it cannot help but to play in the Herecine trees lining the banks of the river. On rare occasions, an antelope’s antlers will get stuck in the trees. As it struggles to get free, the antelope lets out loud cries of despair. Hearing the wailing cries of the antelope, hunters easily track it down and kill it. The story symbolizes the deadly nature of pursuing worldly pleasure. 2. The Bestiaries tell us that the antelope has two horns. These horns are sharp and shaped like saws. The antelope can use them to cut through dense brush. The horns symbolize the Old and New Testaments, which Christians can use to set themselves free from worldly pleasures.
(NOTE: This animal should not be confused with the modern day antelope.)

APE – The Bestiaries tell us that a female ape has two offspring; one she loves, the other she hates. She carries the one she loves in front of her while the one she hates is forced to cling to her back. When the ape is in danger, she will drop the offspring she loves so as to get away. The offspring on her back manages to survive. The female ape symbolizes Satan who will show interest in and coddle his offspring. But Satan’s affections are deceptive and will always lead to death. The offspring on the ape’s back are Christians seeking after God. 2. If the ape is bound with chains, it symbolizes a conquered Satan. 3. Lust. 4. Cunning. 5. Cruelty. 6. Fraud.

BASILISK – 1. The basilisk symbolizes sin and Satan. According to the Bestiaries, the basilisk is a mythical

creature said to spring from an egg accidentally laid in manure by a chicken. The egg is then hatched by a frog or snake. It’s body is part rooster with a snake’s tail and, depending on the account, sometimes contains parts of a frog. Its name, basiliscus, is Greek for “little king”. This is appropriate

because the basilisk is said to be the king of the serpents and is around six inches in length. The basilisk is dangerous because its stare can kill a man, its smell can kill snakes and fire from its mouth can kill birds. In some older Bible translations the basilisk actually appears in Psalm 91:13. “Thou shalt tread upon the adder and the basilisk...the lion and the dragon” (KJV). The basilisk is usually portrayed under the feet of Jesus.

BAT – The bat symbolizes sin and rebellion because it lives for the night, a time of mischief and rebellion. It would be during the Middle Ages that bat wings were added to the caricature of Satan, giving him a more rebellious appearance.

BEAR – 1. The bear symbolizes evil and cruelty. This can be seen in two Bible stories. The first account is found in II Kings 2:24 where a group of children call the prophet Elisha names. God protects Elisha’s integrity by sending two female bears that promptly eat the children. The second account is in Daniel 7:5,

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