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Chapter 3

ANDREW – (died 60 A.D.) – Andrew was a fisherman and the brother of Simon Peter. He, along with his good friends James and John, would become apostles of Jesus Christ.

Very few authoritative facts are known about Andrew. He apparently traveled as far as Greece spreading the Word of God and started churches along the way. Legend tells us that while he was at Achaia, he led the wife of Aegeas, the Roman Governor, to Christ and baptized her into the church. Aegeas was furious and demanded that the Christians immediately sacrifice to the Roman gods. Andrew went to him at Patras where he tried to persuade him to cast aside the false gods of the Romans and turn to the one true God, Jesus Christ. Aegeas would not listen to him and ordered Andrew to be put to death upon a cross in mockery of his Savior. Andrew was crucified on an X-shaped (saltire) cross. Andrew’s hands were tied, not nailed, to the cross so as to prolong his suffering. He would hang on the cross three days. As the days passed and Andrew remained alive, a cry started among the people to free him. According to an account by St. Augustine, Andrew, hearing their cries, prayed to God:

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