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Sangreal Documents which detail the family tree of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, proving who should be the true “ruler” of the universal church. They were sought out and destroyed by Pope Clement V who they were blackmailing with the secret of the Grail.]

FACT: The Knights Templar did exist. They formed in 1118 A.D. during the Crusades to provide protection to the pilgrims wishing to travel to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage. Over time, the Knights Templar became very wealthy from all of the lands and gold donated to them for the cause. After the Crusades, the Knights Templar turned the wealth into an elaborate banking system. “It was King Philip IV (‘the fair’) of France who, desperate for the Templars’ wealth, forced the pope to supress their order, whereupon the French king-not the pope-arrested them and burned some, including Grand Master Jacques de Moley, at the stake in 1314.”1


[BOOK:The Priory of Sion was founded in 1099 by a crusading French king named Godefroi de Bouillon, to preserve the secret lineage of Jesus and wait for the perfect time to reveal this lineage to the world. They worship Mary Magdalene and the Sacred Feminine to this day.]

FACT: The Priory of Sion was established in 1956 in France. Proof of the Priory’s role was “proven” by documents discovered in the Bibliotheque Nationale in


Paris. The trouble is that, the documents proved to be fake. They were planted there by Pierre Plantard. An investigation ensued and one of his sidekicks admitted to helping him stage the hoax. It is from these forged documents (which included the list of Priory Grand Masters such as Da Vinci) that Dan Brown bases his entire book upon.


[BOOK: Those with the Opus Dei antagonists trying to destroy the Priory of Sion to say the church as we know it.]

FACT: The Opus Dei is a highly conservative branch of the Catholic church. However there are no monks in the organization. It is strictly a lay movement concerned with theology of the church.


[BOOK: The sacred feminine is the worship of a female goddess. In this case, Mary Magdalene is worshipped as goddess of heaven. Brown asserts that Judaism practiced the sacred feminine, including ritualistic sex in Solomon’s Temple where both “God and his powerful female equal Shekinah resided” (p. 336). It was the early church and Constantine that sought to destroy the sacred feminine and place the man at the head of the church.

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