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and then disciples, saints, confessors, virgins and martyrs started receiving halos. A disk or plate was used up until the fifteenth century. For the next two centuries, it was reduced to a simple, circular line. After the seventeenth century, the halo ceased to be used altogether. Today, it has limited use.

AUREOLE – This is a halo that surrounds the entire body. This halo should be used only with the Trinity and with Mary when she is holding the Christ child. The aureole is usually elliptical in form and has rays or flames of glory radiating from it. Sometimes the aureole hugs the body of the person, making the edges glow.
The aureole is a sign of supreme power, authority and omnipotence.

On the rarest of occasions, the aureole will surround the angelic class of thrones, suggesting they receive their power by being in God’s presence.

ELEVATED – The three lines of this halo represent the three parts of the Trinity. This halo is used only with the Trinity.

GREEK HEXAGONAL – This halo is made of two equilateral triangles. It contains the Greek letters Omicron, Omega and Nu. This is an abbreviation of God saying to Moses “I am that I am.” Sometimes the Latin letters “R” “E” “X” are used instead. This halo is used only with God the Father. The letters are always to be arranged as shown.


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