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AMEN – A Hebrew word meaning “true,” “certain” and “may it be so.”

AVE MARIA - Latin for “Hail Mary”. It is sometimes called the “Angelical salutation”. It is the most common prayer used by the Catholic church to honor Mary.

CHI RHO – 1. This monogram is the oldest known monogram of Jesus Christ dating back to the second century. It is sometimes referred to as a Christogram.
The Chi (χ = ch) and the Rho (ρ = r) are the first three letters of Christ (Christos) in the Greek language. When displayed a line above the letters shows it is an abbreviation. In the example above, the next letter “I” is shown. The symbol can be frequently found carved in the catacombs, on tombs and wall paintings. There are many artistic variations of the Chi Rho. 2. The Chi Rho is sometimes shown with the letter “N”. What word the “N” represents is up for debate. It could be the word nika meaning “to conquer.” The meaning of
this symbol would be “Christ conquers.” It could also be the word Noster meaning “our Lord.” In this case, the symbol would read “Christ our Lord.” 3. The Chi Rho design can be combined with doves or doves wings. This symbolizes peace in Christ and was very popular at burial sites. 4. The Chi Rho is often combined with other monograms such as the alpha and
omega and Ihs to form some interesting and beautiful combinations. One example above is combined with the
Tau cross.

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