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Chapter 12

ALMS BOX – It is a symbol of charity.

ANCHOR – 1. A ship’s anchor gives it stability
in the midst of a storm. In the same way, the anchor symbolizes the church, which stands steadfast in the storm, giving hope to those who rest in it. This is based on Hebrews 6:19. The anchor is a very old symbol, being used by the church as early as the 2nd century A.D. 2. The construction of the anchor allows it to double as a cross, thanks to the crossbar at its top. The cross anchor symbolizes our stability found in Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection.

ANVIL – An instrument by which some Christians were martyred. 1. It symbolizes martyrdom in general. 2. It symbolizes specific saints who were martyred by an anvil.

ARCH – 1. The arch can stand for triumph. 2. If it is a broken arch, it stands for an untimely death.

ARM – 1. An arm symbolizes protection, defense and strength. 2. Hairy arms symbolize Jacob’s deception of Isaac as told in Genesis 27.



ARMOR – Armor symbolizes protection against evil. A popular reference concerning armor is found in Ephesians 6:13-17. The passage speaks about putting on the whole armor of God to withstand the attacks of Satan.

ARROW – 1. Arrows can symbolize martyrdom because some Christians were killed by them. 2. Arrows refer to pestilence and attacks (fiery darts) shot at believers by the enemy.

ASHES – 1. Ashes were used when a person was mourning. The person would dress in sackcloth and place ashes on his or her head. 2. Ashes symbolize penitence.

BAG OF MONEY – It symbolizes betrayal, referring to Judas betraying Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

BANNER – 1. A symbol of victory. A banner is often carried by the Lamb of God. 2. A banner symbolizes the resurrection.

BASKET – A symbol of charity.

BEADS – A symbol of prayer.

BELLOWS – 1. A symbol of temptation. 2. If bellows are shown with a lighted candle they symbolize Satan’s attacks as he (bellows) tries to extinguish a person’s spiritual life (candle).

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