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SALT – A symbol of wisdom as Christians are called to be the salt of the earth.

SAW – 1. A symbol of martyrdom because some Christians were cut in half by saws. 2. If the saw is pictured in the context of a woodworking shop, or in the hands of a man with a halo, it symbolizes Joseph.

SCALES – 1. A symbol of justice. 2. Scales with a cross symbolize Jesus’ death canceling the debt we owed God because of our sins.

SCOURGE – A symbol of Jesus’ torture before His death.

SCROLL – A scroll or manuscript in the hands of a person suggest the person was an author. Usually, scrolls are found in the hands of the Old Testament authors, while a book (codex) is placed in the hands of a New Testament author. Sometimes the name of the book or scroll is written upon it.

SCYTHE – A symbol of death. In art, it is usually held in the hand of a skeleton.

SEAL – A symbol of God’s signature. This is based on Revelation 7:2-3.

SHEAF OF WHEAT – 1. A symbol of having plenty, thanks to God’s blessing. 2. If the sheaf is with grapes, it is a symbol of the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist).


SHIP – 1. A symbol of the church. The ship is a wonderful symbol in many respects. When examining a ship, we see Jesus as the captain, the pastors as officers and the crew as the laity. Ships will frequently get caught in storms. The church, in a parallel respect, gets caught in heretical storms, or storms of persecution. But just as God protected His faithful in the ark and Jesus protected his faithful in a boat on the Sea of Galilee, so too will the faithful be protected from these storms. It should also be noted that the ship’s mast forms a cross. Some ship images have the Chi Rho on the sail or as part of the mast. 2. If the ship has animals going up into it or or are upon it, it symbolizes Noah’s ark.

SICKLE – 1. A symbol of death. 2. A symbol of the end of the world based on Revelation 14:19. An angel swings a great sickle, bringing in the harvest of souls from the earth.

SKELETON – A symbol of death.

SNOW – A symbol of purity.

SPEAR – 1. A symbol of Jesus’ death on the cross. 2. A symbol of martyrdom as some Christians died by the spear.

SPONGE – A symbol of Jesus’ death on the cross.

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