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STAFF – A very popular symbol of pilgrimage.

STAKE - A symbol of martyrdom. Many Christians died by being tied to a stake and having a fire lit underneath them.

SWORD – 1. A symbol of martyrdom because many Christians died by the sword. 2. A symbol of power and authority, such as when it is in the hands of the Archangel Michael.

TORCH – 1. The torch symbolizes Jesus being taken into custody by the temple guard in the garden of Gethsemane. 2. A symbol of personal passion for spreading the good news of the Gospel. 3. A symbol of personal enlightenment.

TOWEL – 1. A spotless towel symbolizes Mary. 2. A towel with a pitcher is a symbol of Jesus’ death on the cross.

TOWER – 1. A symbol of defense. 2. A symbol of strength through God.

TRUMPET – 1. A trumpet symbolizes judgment. In art, the trumpet of judgment is usually held in the hands of an archangel. 2. A symbol of the calling of the Holy Spirit. 3. A symbol of being called to worship. 4. A symbol of the Resurrection.


VASE – 1. A vase made of clear glass symbolizes the Virgin Mary. 2. If the vase holds a lily, it symbolizes the Annunciation. This is very popular in art.

WATER POTS – A symbol of Jesus’ first miracle.

WELL – 1. A symbol of spiritual renewal. 2. The Gospel.

WINEPRESS – A symbol of the wrath of God, based on Isaiah 63:3 where the evil are trodden in the winepress of God’s wrath.

WINGS – A symbol of aspiring to reach greater heights.

WOOD PLANE – A symbol of Joseph, who was a carpenter.

WREATH – 1. A wreath made of ivy symbolizes
hospitality. 2. A wreath made of oak leaves symbolizes strength. 3. A wreath of laurel symbolizes victory. 4. A wreath made of olive branches symbolizes peace. 5. A wreath of bay leaves symbolizes death. 6. A wreath of Cypress leaves symbolizes mourning.

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