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Chapter 14

ACADIA BUSH – 1. A symbol of immortality. 2. If the bush is on fire, it symbolizes Moses and the burning bush.

APPLE (Forbidden fruit) – 1. The apple symbolizes sin. The connection seems to stem from the Latin words malum meaning “apple” and malus meaning “sin.” The similarity of these words probably led to the apple’s connection with the fruit that was eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The eating of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil brought sin into the world for all humankind. The type of fruit Adam and Eve ate is subject to much speculation among scholars. It is possible that the fruit was unique to the garden and no longer exists. Due to the destruction of the Garden of Eden, we will never know with any certainty what type of fruit it was. 2. If the apple (fruit) is being held in the hand of Jesus (2nd Adam), it represents redemption over the fall.

ASPEN – 1. The aspen, with its small, quivering leaves, is found in two legends: the first legend tells us how the aspen tree was selected to be used for Jesus’ cross. When the tree realized it’s

horrible destiny it began to tremble. To this day the aspen can be seen trembling. 2. The second legend tells us that as Jesus died on the cross all of the trees bowed in honor. All of the trees, that is, except the aspen. Because of its pride and arrogance, the tree was cursed to tremble forever.

BANANA TREE – It is a symbol of life because it constantly regenerates itself from the same root.
BRAMBLE – Tradition tells us that the burning bush found by Moses in Exodus 3:2 was a bramble bush.

BULRUSH – 1. Because of its stout nature the bulrush is used to symbolize the church as it thrives on the living water of Jesus Christ. 2. Bulrush symbolizes Moses, whose papyrus basket was found floating in the bulrushes by an Egyptian princess (Exodus 2:5). 3. Because Moses would become the deliverer of the Israelites, the bulrush symbolizes deliverance and salvation.

CARNATION – 1. If the carnation is red, it symbolizes pure love. 2. If the carnation is pink, it symbolizes marriage.

CEDAR – 1. The cedar tree was known for its beauty and majesty. This prompted the author of the Song of Songs found in the Bible to liken Jesus to a cedar (Song of Songs 5:15). 2. The cedar symbolizes
steadfastness in faith. 3. Prosperity. 4. Long life.

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