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EXTREME UNCTION – Practiced in liturgical churches, the act of extreme unction is performed on those who are physically sick and are seeking to be made well. Olive oil, which is blessed by the bishop, is placed on various parts of the body, including the affected part (if practicable). Then certain prayers and formulas are recited. Extreme unction is portrayed as a container of oil.

FOOT WASHING – The practice of foot washing was established by Jesus in John 13:1-15 where He commanded His disciples to wash one another’s feet. Some denominations (Brethren) continue
to practice the act of foot washing before the administration of the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist).

HOLY ORDERS – The act of appointing a person to a position of power and authority within the church. This is symbolized by a stole or a shepherd’s staff.

LORD’S SUPPER (Eucharist) –
Jesus commanded his followers to remember Him by eating bread (His body) and drinking wine (His blood) until He comes again. The Lord’s Supper is symbolized by a chalice of wine with the bread (or host) rising above it. In liturgical churches, the chalice is to have a hexagonal base. The six sides represent the six attributes of God. The stem of the chalice is to be gold and is often highly ornate with precious stones. The host usually has the letters I.N.R.I. on it. It also has rays coming from it, symbolizing that the Real Presence of Christ is in the


host. In Protestant churches, the Lord’s Supper can be portrayed as a loaf of bread and a bunch of grapes and/or a cup.

MARRIAGE – In the Roman Catholic Church, the act of marriage is considered a sacrament. 1. It is symbolized by two hands being joined together. At times, a third hand is shown above the two. The hand has the first three fingers extended (benediction) and is surrounded by a halo. This represents God’s blessing on the marriage. Inscriptions such as “Fare Thee Well,” “Live in God” and “God Be With You” are often found with the clasped hands. 2. Pure gold, which is indissoluble, symbolizes the indissoluble oneness of marriage. 3. A wedding ring symbolizes marriage. 4. A bridal wreath can be used to symbolize marriage. 5. Some traditions crown the bride and groom, symbolizing God’s crowning them with His glory.

THE OFFICE OF THE KEYS – In Matthew 16:19, Jesus gives the Apostle Peter the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that these keys gave Peter the power to establish the doctrines of the church as well as the ability to grant or withhold salvation. This power is believed to be bestowed upon every pope who oversees the Roman Catholic Church.

The office of the keys is symbolized by two keys. One key represents the power to forgive sins (absolution) and thus open up the Kingdom of Heaven to the

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