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Chapter 16

FOUR-POINTED – Each point of this star represents a point of the cross.

FIVE-POINTED – 1. This is the star that guided the wise men to find the baby Jesus. The star symbolizes the Epiphany, the revelation of God to humankind and the taking of the good news of redemption to the Gentiles. 2. The five-pointed star is a popular symbol at Christmastime. It is often seen hovering over nativity scenes or placed atop Christmas trees.

SIX-POINTED – 1. The star symbolizes creation because it has six points, one for each day during which God created all things. It can be portrayed with the sacred Hebrew name of God (YHWH). Whenever the Jewish rabbis come to the word YHWH when reading Scripture they substitute the word “Adoni” in its place. Another substitute for the sacred name of God was to write two Hebrew letters called “yods.” They were usually written between rays of light or in the creation star. 2. Today the six-pointed star is synonymous with Israel. It is called the Star of David. This star dates back to Roman times, when it was used as a simple decoration piece. The Jews liked the design and started integrating it into their synagogues. The earliest usage of the Star of David dates back to 200 A.D. to a synagogue in Capernaum. Now this star is


inseparable from Israel; it even appears on their national flag.

SEVEN-POINTED – 1. This star represents the seven gifts of the Spirit described in Isaiah 11 and Revelation 5:12. Sometimes the seven-pointed star contains letters, with each letter representing one of the seven gifts. 2. Seven symbolizes perfection.

EIGHT-POINTED – 1. This star symbolizes baptism and regeneration (renewal). The reason the number eight symbolizes regeneration has been lost. However, some scholars believe that it is connected to the shape of the early baptismal fonts (stands that contained water for infant baptism) which were eight sided. Others speculate that the eighth day of creation was like a new creation.

NINE-POINTED – 1. This star represents the nine gifts of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5. Sometimes the nine-pointed star contains letters with each letter representing one of the nine gifts.

TEN-POINTED – Each point of the star represents one apostle, minus Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus and Peter who denied Him.

TWELVE-POINTED – This star represents the twelve Tribes of Israel or the twelve apostles.

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